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Has your PC or Laptop slowed down significantly over the years? Do you need help getting the right parts and software together to make your computer feel like brand new?


With our years of expertise we can Rejuvenate your computer with the latest hardware and software. We can also tailor your machine upgrade for a specific role.


  • Freeware package installed including antivirus

  • Removal of junk files

  • Removal of virus

  • Ram upgrade  (sold separately)

  • Hard drive upgrade (sold separately)

  • Update programs

  • Physical cleaning (removal of dust )

  • Optimizing browser and system settings

  • Increase windows 10 or Mac performance​

  • Upgrade windows 7 to windows 10  and also Mac upgrade (click for more info

  • Upgrade list of Services
    Windows 10 upgrade Ram for speed Hard drive for more Storage upgrade SSD drive Full diagnostic for upgrade
                                       Remove virus           Boost computer               computer recovery      
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