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Todays Deals

Out to Sea Laptop
More for Less

Computer setup, data transfer to new computer, freeware anti-virus install and OS updates.

Send us a request adding "Less is more" in the description

On Site - $159.99 / Drop off - $129.99

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Member Benefits

 A Platinum member gets 3 free chances for a Software installation. This can also be given to any Family or Friend in our service area.

only for a limited time

Click to Become a Platinum member

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Social media

Leave a comment on our Facebook page for a chance to get $10 off your next Service.

Click here for rules 

Fast Resolve

If we are able to diagnose and solve your problem in the  first 10min.

You will only pay $30

*Deal Only applies to online support

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You really like us!

Like  and Follow our Facebook page for a chance to win a Free on site travel with diagnostics.

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Work from home

computer setup, printer setup, tutorial on zoom and basic software installation.

send us a request today and ask for the work from home deal.

On site $179.99 / pick up $159.99

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