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Are Mac Books really safer than windows?

So there has been an age old question between Macs and PCs, are Macs actually safer than PCs? Back in 2012-2013 reports showed that ⅓ of the world’s computers were infected by some malware and only 3% of affected computers were Macs. So since Macs are affected less does that mean that macs are safer?. Well it all depends on what you mean by safe.

There are more malware that's created for Pcs compared to Macs, and the reason behind that is basic economics. According to Net Market Share, Windows account for over 88 percent of the market, while Mac has a combined share of less than 10 percent. For cyber criminals, targeting Windows PC just makes sense. There are more PC users than Mac users, and therefore greater return on things like phishing and malware campaigns.

While it's technically true that Macs get less viruses, Macs aren’t inherently more secure than PCs, there are just less of them to target in the wild. So the saying Macs are immune to malware is actually a myth. The rising popularity of Macs makes them an increasingly more attractive target for cybercriminals.

So maybe you should switch to Mac since hackers distribute less virus. Although there is legitimate argument to be made, using a safer platform is no excuse to drop your guard. With the rise in social engineering attacks which don't care about which platforms you're on, the bad guys can still steal your data.

So the bottom line is if these are your two options, exercise some caution on how you use your machine by

  • Installing an antivirus software,

  • Staying on top of software updates.

  • Investing in education and training.

Macs are a good choice for business and personal use, but they’re not foolproof. If you use a Mac beware of the risks, put the right protections in place, and use it wisely.

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